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eGo-T Starter Kit

The Joye eGo-T takes the successful eGo product a step higher.  Currently available in black, stainless or titanium.

eGo-T batteries are rechargeable lithium with manual buttons.  Expect the same performance as the reliable eGo, with an added bonus.  The battery can be turned off with 5 quick button presses, allowing for transport without worry of activation.  Turn the battery back on with another 5 presses.  The charging devices included in the kit allow you to use a wall outlet or USB slot to charge your batteries.

With your kit you will receive 2 eGo-T atomizers and 5 tank cartridges.  The tanks can carry a little more than 1ml of liquid, and end the constant refilling or dripping in traditional e-cig cartridges.

This product is priced to include free First Class shipping, NEW PACKAGING includes:

2- 650mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, with on/off function
2- eGo-T atomizers
5- eGo-T cartridges, empty
1- USB wall charger
1- Fast charging cable
1- Instruction booklet
1- Gift box
There are a few devices left that are in older packaging.  There are two differences between the new and old packaging.  
Old packaging contains a different shaped USB wall charger and prefilled cartridges instead of empty.  Cartridge strength is a mix of low-med-high, USA Mix (compare to Marlboro).  

$64.99 $45.00
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 10 February, 2012.

Black Black [] $64.99 $45.00 Quantity :
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Titanium (older package) Titanium (older package) [] $59.99 $39.99 Quantity :
Black (older package) Black (older package) [] $59.99 $39.99 Quantity :
Stainless (older package) Stainless (older package) [] $59.99 $39.99 Quantity :

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