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Joye eRoll Starter Kit

Valley Vapor is happy to announce the newest arrival to our lineup, the Joyetech eRoll.


The e-cig itself is about the size of a king sized cigarette, maybe 1/4" longer.  The eRoll is a small capacity (80mah) e-cig combined with a carrying case that can recharge the device more than 10 times.  The case is 1000mah and can be recharged via USB or included USB/wall charger.


The trend for a long time seemed to be larger capacity batteries.  This device may mark a change in that trend.  For users that are looking for a replacement during their smoke break, or that use the device occasionally, the eRoll is the way to go.


To get the most performance and full voltage from your e-cig it is recommended to keep them topped off.  This case does that for you.  As long as there is a charge on the case, you will be sure of a full 3.7V from your battery.  80mah will last most users longer than the average smoke break.  When you are done, you snap it into the case and it charges up for the next time.


This device is not recommended for chain vapers.  If you vape all day long, this is not for you.  If you vape occasionally, it could be the perfect item.


The eRoll uses the eGo-C atomizer head and a unique cartridge.  (You will need eRoll cartridges for the device).  This is a tank system, and like the other tanks provides a cooler vape, more flavor and outstanding vapor output.


Your eRoll Starter Kit contains:


1- eRoll atomizer cone

2- eRoll (eGo-C) atomizer heads

2- eRoll batteries (80 mah)

3- eRoll cartridges

1- eRoll USB charger

1- eRoll wall charger

1- eRoll portable charging case (PCC)

1- instruction manual



Available in Black (Black case), Stainless (Black case), and White (White case)




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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 04 December, 2012.

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