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LiPo bag

This product is highly recommended for all users of rechargeable lithium batteries.  LiPo bags are a fire-safe portable container for use when charging your batteries.  LiPo bags are most commonly used for R/C car batteries, as a group they have been using lithium cells for quite a while. 
This is a heavy, quality bag with a velcro closure and smooth material interior.

Place your charger and battery inside the bag.  Run the cable out of the bag, and place on a fire-safe surface.  Furniture, wood floors and carpets are good examples of where NOT to charge your batteries.

The charging bag measures 7in x 9in.
A 1000mAh (XL) eGo battery and charger is shown for size comparison.  This should accommodate most charger/ecig combinations.
Under normal conditions, you should never need this product's protection.  Think of it like insurance, in the (very unlikely) event that an accident occurs while charging, you're covered.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 March, 2012.


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