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 First Use of your new e-cig


First things first! Start out by charging your batteries. Screw a battery into your charger, clockwise and finger tight. Plug in your charger and the battery LED will flash multiple times to let you know it's charging. The light on the charger will remain red until the battery is charged, then will change to green.



Charging your 510 battery



The manufacturer recommends a full 8-hour charge for the first charging cycle. After the first charge, you may recharge these batteries any time. Lithium ion cells do not have a memory. Keeping a full charge on them will provide you with the best vaping experience.


While the batteries are charging, let's look at the rest of the kit.


Depending on which model you have purchased, you have a tank system or a traditional cartridge system. Tanks are filled directly with e-liquid. Traditional cartridges use a white fill material to hold e-liquid, similar to a sponge. Both types feed the atomizer e-liquid, and may be refilled multiple times.


 Joye 510       /      Joye eGo

These two models use traditional cartridges, your kit comes with a sample pack of prefilled cartridges. These have the white fill material inside, already saturated with e-liquid and ready to use.


510 / eGo cartridge


There is a little preparation needed before use, you can easily get this done while the batteries are charging. The Joye 510 and Joye eGo use the Joye 510 atomizer. If you look down inside of it, you will see a small metal bridge coming out of the bottom. That is how the liquid gets from the cartridge to the heating coil.


Your atomizers come packed in a protective liquid. This liquid is not harmful, but it doesn't taste very good. You will want to wash out the atomizers and allow to dry before use.


Rinsing in a sink of warm water is the simplest method. Hold the atomizer under water, and shake it back and forth a few times. This will force water through the atomizer. Blow through either end of the atomizer, clearing the water out. Repeat a few times, and let dry.


After your first battery has charged for 8 hours, remove it from the charger and replace it with your second battery. By this time your atomizer should be dried out, and you are ready to assemble your e-cig!


Take a cartridge out of the packaging, and remove the white plastic end cap. Pay attention to the shape of the cartridge end. Take a look at the inside of the atomizer again. There is an oval white plate at the bottom, where the bridge comes from. The cartridge end and that white plate should line up when you plug it in.


inside of 510 atomizer


You will want to line up those two shapes as closely as possible. Failure to align them may result in minor damage to the cartridge end. Plug in the cartridge and allow the liquid time to move down to the atomizer. 


Running the atomizer when it is dry will result in the atomizer burning out, so give it a good 5-10 minutes the first time around. Remember, you cleaned it out and it's bone dry. If you have e-liquid handy, a couple of drops directly inside the atomizer is best. Aim for the top of the bridge. 2-3 drops is enough to prime a dry atomizer.


Thread the atomizer and battery together finger tight, then press the button briefly. You will hear a sizzle that lets you know everything is working properly.


The nicotine in electronic cigarettes is mainly absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat. It is generally not necessary to inhale as deeply as with a traditional cigarette. You may notice a difference in the way the vapor feels compared to smoke. Vapor is a lot cooler (in temperature) than smoke, so it can feel a bit harsh on the throat at first.


Electronic cigarettes require an exaggerated draw, compared to traditional cigarettes. You will get best results with a long, slow draw. Hold the button down for as long as your draw takes, practice makes perfect. When you notice the flavor or temperature of the vapor changing, it may be time to let the e-cig rest, or refill your cartridge.


Joye 510-T     /    Joye eGo-T     /    Joye eGo-C


These models use tank cartridges and provide e-liquid to the atomizer by pulling it from a reservoir instead of filler material. 


Your kit may have come with empty or prefilled cartridges.


You will want to prepare your kit in the same way as described above. Give the batteries a good 8-hour charge, and rinse out the atomizers.


If you received prefilled cartridges, you are ready to go. Remove one from the packaging and take off the white plastic end cap. Keep these, they are useful if you refill a number of cartridges for a day's use.


Inside the atomizer, you will notice a metal spike. Take a look at the bottom of the cartridge, and you will see an area that will be punctured by that spike. Press the cartridge firmly into the atomizer until you hear a snap. It will require some force.


At this point it is recommended to unplug the cartridge and remove the small refilling cap at the bottom. The circle of plastic that got punched out can cause leaking, so remove that "chad" from inside the cartridge. Reassemble and press the cartridge back into the atomizer.


Allow time for the e-liquid to travel down to the atomizer bowl before use. Take 2 or 3 puffs without pressing the button to get the flow of e-liquid started. You should see little bubbles come up inside the cartridge.


All electronic cigarette models require a slow, drawn out drag for best results. Press and hold down the button for as long as your puff takes.


Refilling the cartridges is simple. The end opposite the mouthpiece is removable for refilling.  Be careful when removing the small end cap. They tend to go flying across the room and end up found by the vacuum cleaner. Drip enough e-liquid to nearly fill the cartridge, but leave a small 1/8" gap in the top. Replace the end cap and press into your atomizer.


A couple of puffs without pressing the button will get the flow of liquid started. Look for the bubbles. If that fails to start the liquid moving, you can pull out the cartridge a little bit and press it back in.