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Safety First

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

These products may contain nicotine.


Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, and is an addictive substance. For pets or children, small amounts can be very dangerous. 

Keep all devices and refill liquids well out of the reach of children and pets.


Never refer to e-liquid as "juice". Little ones may become curious about the sweet tasty juice you are always talking about.


E-liquid generally has a sweet smell to it, so pets may be attracted to it.


Once again, keep all devices and refill liquids well out of the reach of children and pets.

Patients with existing conditions should consult their doctor before use of this product.

If you get e-liquid on your skin, wash with soap and warm water.

Be aware of the symptoms of nicotine overdose. These can include sweating, headache, nausea and vomiting. If you are feeling "green" it may be time to put down the e-cig for a few minutes. 

These products contain rechargeable lithium batteries. They can be a fire hazard when mistreated. 

The following guidelines should be strictly followed: 

1. Only recharge these devices with the intended charging cable or adaptor. Using chargers with incorrect voltage or current can cause a fire or catastrophic failure.

2. Never leave a charging battery unattended. 

3. Never charge a battery overnight while you sleep.

4. Never leave a battery on your charger longer than necessary. When it is full, unplug your charger and remove the battery. Leaving a battery on charge when it is full will degrade it's performance and may result in a fire.

Maintenance & Use 

Simple maintenance of your electronic cigarette will keep them functioning longer and save you money in the long run. Cleaning of atomizers is generally not necessary unless you are changing flavors or have an airflow problem. Too much cleaning can lead to premature atomizer failure. Most of the time, blowing out the atomizer and drying the contacts will be enough.

Tip #1 Before putting everything away for the night, take a few puffs to warm the atomizer. Remove it from the battery and cartridge. Place threaded side up on a paper towel, and let it drain out overnight.

Tip #2 Electrical connections can become wet with condensation or e-liquid during use. Keep the copper contacts as clean as possible by wiping with a tissue or towel occasionally. If performance suddenly drops, you may have flooded your atomizer. Drying the contacts should restore full function.

Tip #3 After the initial 8-hour charge on your batteries, you will want to keep them topped off for best performance. Do not leave batteries charging unattended. When the charging light turns green, batteries should be removed from the power source.

Tip #4 Cleaning of atomizers and cartridges can be handled with warm water. We don't recommend the use of alcohol or other solvents to clean the atomizer. Solvents can leave residue behind that may be dangerous to inhale.

Tip #5 Cleaning of charging and contact points can be handled with alcohol. A Q-tip moistened with a little bit of rubbing alcohol is more than enough. Make sure they are removed from any power source, wipe out the contact areas and let dry before use.

Tip #6 A shallow inhalation and slowly exhaling through the nose provides 2 benefits. The nicotine is more easily absorbed by the mucous membrane in the mouth, throat and nose. Secondly, the flavor is much stronger than with a quick puff. Take your time, slow and steady draws are the key.

Tip #7 You may notice that performance varies depending on the weather. Colder weather generally results in batteries draining faster. Depending on the amount of moisture in the air, the vapor may linger a few seconds before it dissipates.

Tip #8 Rotate between 2 or more atomizers on a daily basis. This gives them time to drain out any extra e-liquid inside. Airflow is very important to the proper function of electronic cigarettes.

Tip #9 For manual batteries, press the button down for as long as your draw takes. For automatic batteries, a short primer puff before your actual draw begins is recommended.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We usually respond to e-mail requests within a couple of hours and are always happy to help.